Right at the foot of Arges county, on the border with Dambovita, a common sunrise that appears on the map of Wallachia since 1700 with the name of “Rich”.
In 2018, in a more fruitful year than we had been given until then, we consulted in the family and decided that the time had come to turn our older wish into reality. We made, therefore, the decision to lay the foundations of a distillery according to our own standards, wanting from the very beginning to concentrate the tradition and richness of the place in a finished product that would take our story further, to abroad.
We can say that Celar is a perfect fusion of old and new.
Two worlds that bring together the authenticity and experience of the whole generation together with the rigorous production standards of the present, make Celar de Bogati a brand of premium distillates.
Our products (Tuica 32% vol. Alc., Tuica 40% vol. Alc. And Palinca 50% vol. Alc.) Are obtained by distilling plum borhot and aged in acacia wood, and the distillation is done in a typical boiler. still made of 99.9% purity electrolytic copper.
We use plums obtained in our own orchard that stretches over 3.5 ha, with the satisfaction of promoting 100% natural products, without added sugar or synthetic products.

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