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  • Hennessy-Cognac VS NEON 0.7L

    The same legendary taste as Hennessy VS, this time in a unique presentation. The LED display label becomes bright when the built-in button is pressed, ...
  • Hennessy-Cognac XO 0.7L-Box

    The strong and mesmerizing character of this brandy has the power to seduce any connoisseur who appreciates the modernism and the unique mixture of flavors ...
  • Hennessy-Paradis 0.7L-Box

    Created by Maurice Fillioux in 1979, the cognac Hennessy Paradis is known for its voluptuous and harmonious aroma. It consists of eaux-de-vie, which are a ...
  • Hennessy-Paradis Imperial 0.7L-Box

    Hennessy Paradis Imperial Cognac is the jewel of the Hennessy collection. An unprecedented alliance of age and finesse, it embodies the apogee of the art ...
  • Hennessy-Richard 0.7L-Box

    The Richard Hennessy cognac is the embodiment of 250 years of the history, knowledge and expertise of the Maison Hennessy, with a unique blend of ...
  • Hennessy-VSOP 0.7L-Box

    Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège is a balanced cognac, expressing 200 years of Hennessy's know-how. The fruit of nature’s uncertainties, this unique blend has tamed the elements ...