Accessories wine boxes

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  • Athos Box

    The box with the guillotine-like opening system brings a breath of the distant past and ennobles the bottle of wine that is destined for it. ...
  • Bait wooden box

    The brown stained wooden box has a sliding lid and can accommodate a bottle measuring 37 cm high and 9.4 cm in diameter. The box ...
  • Big wooden box

    Fir wood box suitable for 1.5 l wine bottles decorated with a metal clasp that resembles a chest. The dimensions of this box are: 104 ...
  • Bonanza box

    Wooden box with a special design in which the bottom of the box blends perfectly with the semi-round shape of the lid made of slats. ...
  • Box Bella

    We offer for your favorite wine bottle a wooden box with a simple, classic design, which fits into any decor.
  • Box with 2 Caribbean accessories

    Box with two accessories made of MDF for 1 bottle of wine. The box has a lid on the lid and a metal stopper that ...
  • Box with 4 Intesa accessories

    Who does not love wine, does not love life. The intense red of the silk that covers the wooden box on the inside suggests this ...
  • Box with 5 Burgundy accessories

    For wine enthusiasts, but also for occasional tasters, the wooden box lined with burgundy silk ennobles the wine bottle and built-in accessories. The box contains ...
  • Box with plywood lid

    The natural wooden box for a bottle has a sliding lid made of 3 mm thick plywood with a white face. The cover is very ...
  • Box with sliding lid

    This brown stained wood box has a sliding lid. It opens vertically. The box has chips inside to protect the wine bottle. Internal dimensions of ...
  • Buena box

    Join those who delight their body and soul with wine and give your favorite bottle a warm and refined home, in a wooden box lined ...
  • Celebracion wooden box

    The wooden box with a classic style is ideal for protecting a bottled work of art. The lid of the box is specially made of ...
  • Confort box

    Any bottle of wine deserves a royal life, and the Comfort box, made of wood, is the ideal home for any bottle. This box is ...
  • Cylindrical wooden slat box with locks

    Cylindrical box made of wooden spikes with metal locks. The box has an inner diameter of 8 cm and a height of 33.5 cm.
  • Desire box

    The stained wooden box is an elegant and safe way to store and transport 2 bottles of wine. Inside it is provided with a separator ...
  • Deux wooden box

    What type of wine is best suited as a gift: white or red? With the help of the wooden box for 2 standard wine bottles ...
  • Diva box

    For ladies and gentlemen passionate about the smell of vines, the chest-shaped box is ideal for a collector's wine, to be enjoyed on a special ...
  • Divine Box

    Natural wood box for a single bottle of wine with vertical opening. The box is decorated with small wooden boards on the outside in the ...
  • Double box with glass lid and double use

    The double box made of natural wood has 2 compartments inside separated by a partial separator (with a height of 2/3 compared to the total ...
  • Double wooden box

    The elegant wooden box lined with yellow silk is an ideal way to host 2 bottles of wine with your favorite flavors. The window with ...