Anassa Organics Pure Protection, Sachets

An ideal winter herbal blend with the goodness of three herbs, perfect for cold weather. A Greek remedy blend for flu prevention and recovery, a delicious herbal tisane, one that warms you up, boosts your immune system, and clears your head. It is a caffeine free tea, with no artificial fragrances. Apart from its natural drying, it has not undergone any processing

Ingredients: Hyssop, Melissa, Sage

Usage: secure your tea bag on the cup using the wooden stick and pour almost boiling water (95° C); the optimal brewing time is 3-4 minutes. To enjoy any time of the day served hot with honey or plain.



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Available only in carton box
The Carton box includes 10 enveloped herbal tea sachets.
Every envelope contains a tea bag & a wooden stick to secure your tea bag on the cup.

• Net Weight: 10 gr (0.35 oz)
• Gross Weight: 50 gr

Box dimensions: 10.4×6.5×10.7 cm

Box includes: 10 enveloped herbal tea sachets and 10 wooden sticks, included in each individual envelope.

Storage: store in a dry and cool place.


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