Black truffles uncinatum (Tuber uncinatum Chatin)

Size: over 15 grams

Season: September-December

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The black truffle Uncinatum also known as burgundy truffle has a medium intensity smell, stronger than in Tuber aestivum, sometimes phenolic and even unpleasant when very ripe. The taste is of medium intensity resembling that of walnut.



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Commonly called burgundy truffle or autumn truffle is an edible fungus that coexists with tree roots, forming mycorrhizae. The variety prefers the lands with subcontinental or continental climate characterized by hot summers, rich in precipitation, humid autumns and cold winters. This climate is also characteristic of Romania.It grows underground in clay soils, rich in limestone and humus as well aerated, in deciduous forests under hazelnuts, hornbeams, phages and oaks), but also in those of conifers under black pines). It appears from the plains to the hill (600-700 m) from September to January (February).


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