Bocceluța peasant

For those who need a taste of childhood.


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Smoked homemade pork kaizer 300g
Smoked bacon mangalita pig 500 g
Homemade pork chops / mangaliță 200 g
Locally produced clay pot with sarmale ( buffalo and mangalita meta) 1 kg
Cheese made from cow’s milk 500 g
Stinky truffle (aged 2 years) 300 g
Maios/caltaboș from homemade pork liver 500 g
Drum with a lot of meat 500 g
Artisanal mustard with horseradish 150 ml
Artisanal mustard with honey 150 ml
Virsli de Binș 1 kg
Thin smoked sausages made from homemade pork and spicy beef 500 g
Beiușean sausage with homemade pork leg 300 g
Cabbage (local pie with cheese and greens) 1 kg
Home bread 800 g


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