Jamón Ibérico Bellota pata negra bellota ham mix

Become an expert in a new culture

A delicate flavour, the essence of 100% natural preservative-free Jamón IbéricoPuro de Bellota.

A mixture of unique and delicious jamón slices, jamón mini cubes and jamón shaved. Two cases of each type.

This product is presented in a deluxe handmade lined box.


An exclusive and elegant gift which will provide a unique experience.

6 x 80 gr.


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The jamón is hand-sliced with a ham knife by our ham masters when you place your order.Inmediately it is vacuum-packed to keep all its outstanding properties.

This product includes 6 luxurious cases with 80 grams each which are wrapped in delicate woven paper.

Two cases with mini cubes, two with slices and two with Jamón Ibérico de bellotashaved.

It is presented in a handcrafted lined present box, which has a deluxe refined design, and it is closed with an exclusive satin ribbon.

In the box there is a personalised present card to write the message you want.


An original, exclusive present to enjoy the most luxurious pleasure.

Net Weight (gr): 480 gr

Cases: 6

Packaging: Gift Box

Length: 28 cm

Width: 18 cm

Height: 6 cm

Curing Time: 36-48 months

Gluten free: Suitable for coeliacBraïlle



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