Truffle Hunting in Transilvanya

We, the Intense Gourmet team, want to present you the experience you can live with us in truffle hunting.

This activity restores humans connection with nature and will spoils you with a unique gastronomic snack. Romania, especially Transylvania, has become famous in the last ten years for its hidden culinary treasures. One of them is the “black diamond”, known as the black truffle that has mesmerized culinary experts around the world.

Being a mystery-filled activity, truffle hunting offers participants a challenging experience and a memorable vacation. In all this activity it is important to respect the connection that is created between hunting dogs, hunter, truffles and nature. The reward of a day spent hunting will be a delicious dinner prepared from truffles.


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The price includes:

4 DAYS /


Country Romania


13 dishes


Truffle hunting;

Truffle information course;

Wine tasting.

Day 1

Once you arrive at your destination, namely Casa Gornicului Pension, a representative of the Intense Gourmet team will be at your disposal to help you stay. The first contact with the world of truffles you will have through the dishes served at the table, along with a short presentation of the gastronomic history of truffles in Transylvania.

Day 2

The culminating moment of this stay is the actual hunting, so from dawn the preparations begin.

At 06:00 in the morning, the preparations for the truffle hunt begin. Those who will accompany us and help us in this expedition are the Romagnolo Lagotto dogs specially trained to help you find truffles.

The hunt will take about 3 hours, during which time we will look for truffles, but we will also have a tasty picnic meant to help us regain our strength.

At 11:00 the hunt ends and everyone will return to the accommodation, where you will have relaxation at the pool.

For 16:00 a new expedition will be prepared in which you will find information about the local mushrooms, namely the delicious mushroom mushrooms and about their processing process.The evening atmosphere will be maintained by our sommelier through a wine tasting, associated with carefully chosen dishes.

Day 3

The experience of the previous day is repeated on this day, so, early in the morning at 06:00 we prepare and together with the experts and dogs we have already befriended, we will be able to put into practice the knowledge we have accumulated in the last hunt.When the hunt ends and we return to the accommodation, you will have relaxation at the pool.

Day 4

After breakfast, we will go to discover the beauties of Valea Iadului, the place that contradicts its name through its picturesque landscapes is revealed by mountain trekking and mountain biking trails. On the way back, we will be waiting for small snacks that we enjoy while relaxing by the pool.Towards evening, our stay ends and we will say goodbye to the hosts.


Quality services:Our consultants are the best, specialized in local gastronomy, their experience being based on tradition.

Experienced partners in the field

Possibility to experience gastronomic tourism

If this is your first experience with Intense Gourmet Travel, you will fall in love with our exclusive packages and services.

With us you have the opportunity to subscribe to the most complex tourist packages focused on gastronomy. You can live a culinary experience in nature. What could be more challenging than participating in a truffle hunt, enjoying freshly picked berries along with a quality wine.

the price does not include the transport cost, we can create personalized offers, depending on the needs of our customer.


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