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Tartufi di Fassia Line Collection

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From an idea of Emanuele Musini, the Tartufi di Fassia Line is the perfect combination of elegance, tradition and care. It was created to meet the most demanding expectations. It can be found at the best stores around the world.


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Ingredients: cultivated mushrooms (Agaricus Bisporus), butter, cream, nuts, Reggiano Parmesan (milk, rennet, salt), white truffles (Tuber Magnatum Pico) 1,5%, bianchetti truffles (Tuber Borchii Vitt.) 1,5%, salt, garlic, flavouring.
Use: recipes
Net weight: 80g
Gross weight: 200g
PPC: 6
Gross weight box: 1,5Kg
Shelf Life: 3 years


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