White truffles (Tuber magnatum Pico)

Size: 0-20 grams

Season: September-December

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Minimum order: 100gr

Category: Fresh truffles

It has a spherical shape, with numerous recesses which makes it irregular. The outer surface is smooth and smooth. The color ranges from pale ocher to dark cream or green. The interior or “gleba” is clear, white and dirty yellow with white veins. The pleasant and aromatic scent, very different from the garlic of other truffles, makes this truffle unique in its species. The harvesting period lasts from September to December.

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Tuber magnatum, commonly known as Piedmont white truffle, Italy white truffle, mackerel truffle, or just plain white truffle, is an edible fungus that coexists with tree roots, forming mycorrhizae. This variety can be found in Romania in the south and south-west of the country, but only in the years when it benefits from the most suitable climatic conditions, but copies have also been found in the Rodnei Mountains, near Cormaia. It grows underground in humus-rich, well-drained and well-ventilated, calcareous and moist soils most of the time of the year as rich in mineral substances (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium), in deciduous forests especially under poplars, oaks, willows. and lime. The time of occurrence is, from the plains to the mountains, from September to December, in warmer regions, where the earth does not freeze, and in winter


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